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Providing everyday solutions in all of the following markets for your everyday needs

Medicare | Mortgage Protection | Critical Illness | Dental & Vision | Long Term Care | Final Expense | Disability

About UISI

United Insurance Solutions (UISI) has partnered with Asurea to provide Medicare Supplements, Final Expense, Annuities, Long Term Care, Cancer and Disability products. United Insurance Solutions is a for-profit corporation owned by the United Pentecostal Church Intl. (UPCI) and managed by The Stewardship Group (TSG). Profits from this company benefit the UPCI.

UISI’s objective, (intent, mission, design) is to provide options that will benefit ministers and church members of UPCI.


About Asurea

Asurea is one of the largest Insurance Marketing Organizations in the nation, specializing in Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Medicare, Critical Illness, Disability and Retirement Planning.

 We have been in business for over 20 years and have access to over 40 of the top insurance companies in the industry. We are proud to say that all of our agents are independent. This gives you many more choices when it comes to finding the right policy to fit both your needs and budget.

 Life can be tricky and everyone will either live too long, die too soon or get sick along the way.  Let Asurea be the Simple Solution for your insurance needs.

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Medicare | Mortgage Protection | Critical Illness | Dental & Vision | Long Term Care | Final Expense | Disability

  • Dental & Vision
    Dental & Vision
    From eye exams and glasses to fillings and oral surgery, find out what kind of Dental and Vision plan best fits your needs. We have several options with large national networks of Dental & Vision providers to choose from, and affordable monthly premiums for people of all ages!
  • Mortgage Protection
    Mortgage Protection
    Mortgage Protection is coverage that will pay all or part of your monthly mortgage payment if you become unemployed, disabled, or pass away.
  • Medicare
    Choosing the right Medicare plan can be confusing but we can make it simple. Whether you need a Medicare supplement, Medicare advantage plan or a prescription drug plan, we can help.
  • Long Term Care
    Long Term Care
    Insurance that pays you in of the event that you cannot perform two of the six activities of daily living and require long term care. This insurance can help cover the high cost of having to stay in a care facility.
  • Final Expense
    Final Expense
    Final Expense life insurance will help cover your expenses after you have passed, including medical bills, credit card debts, and even your funeral costs.
  • Disability
    Insurance that pays you to help cover loss of income due to becoming disabled.
  • Critical Illness
    Critical Illness
    Insurance that pays you money to cover medical costs or loss of income if you are diagnosed with a Heart Attack, Stroke, or Cancer.



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